A Great Letter to the Editor ! Me...

I had to post this letter that one of my fellow Web Surfers and Minibike Fans wrote to me because in the same spirit that I decided to make , He explained in words the exact way I felt when I rode my first Minibike. But not only that , when i read it I got to remember and feel that same way again for a brief moment. I often forget myself with all the work it takes to share all this fun stuff with the rest of the Minibike World ! Letters like this make it all worth while. Thanks and Cheers ! to Greg from Texas.


"The Letter "

Hi Eric, Thanks for the all the info and the perfect pictures on your website. Yours has to be the finest website I have ever seen. You have made me very sorry that I abandoned my love of MiniBikes. I started with a Rupp Continental in 1965, in 67 I got a Bonanza with a Hodaka 90 cc motor, in 69 I got a Honda Mini-Trail 50. These were the love of my life until I ordered my 1970 LS-6 454 SS Chevelle and went off to become a serious street drag racer.

The government ruined street racing after 1971 and I went on to Dirt Bikes, motocross Bikes and lately Superbikes like Ninjas etc. I can still remember the original thrill of twisting the throttle and flying down the street and the feeling of pure freedom that the little MiniBikes gave me. Your collection of MiniBikes is absolutely to die for, I think I would sell my soul for the Gold one or the Gorilla. Now at least I can show people these pictures and tell them that, if I was half as smart as I think I am, I would have some of these. Thanks again Eric, for making the Internet the wonderful thing that it is today. Greg, From Texas.

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